Titter Comedy Course

Learn the secrets of comedy, perform your first live stand up, and supersize your confidence, in Just 7 Weeks!

Imagine in seven weeks you could...

  •  Develop your sense of humour and become funnier
  •  Be confident speaking in public
  •  Never be scared of work presentations again.
  •  Fill your life with more laughter.

Whether you want these results, or this is something on your bucket list, then Titter is for you.

Think of this course as your key to creating "one of the best experiences of your life".

“Doing Sarah’s course changed me forever. Since taking Sarah’s course, my confidence and competence has soared. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to stretch themselves and improve their professional ability to present.” - Sadie Sharp 

“Sessions with Sarah are always fun and rewarding. She is supportive and encouraging and takes you on a journey together. One of the biggest benefits I got was self-belief, knowing that anything is possible, and that I’d done something others fear. My confidence is greater than it was before. I would recommend working with Sarah as she opens doors you think cannot be unlocked.” - Norman Butler 

Humour is one of the most powerful assets in any context.

After completing the Titter Comedy Course you will...

  • Be confident enough to perform a five minute comedy routine
  • Be able to make your presentations funnier
  • Move past the fear of public speaking
  • Know how and when to use humour
  • Have an amazing eperience to share
  • Have your colleagues, family and friends in awe!
  • Feel like a ROCKSTAR!
  • Be part of the private Facebook Titter Alumni group and get ongoing support 

What You Get...

By the end of the 7 week course you will have:

A COMEDY ROUTINE... A polished short comedy routine to performance standard.

JOKE WRITING SKILLS... An understanding of how jokes work and several methods of generating material.

COURSE NOTES... You'll get course notes and exercises, plus a comedy notebook!

PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE... You get 45 minutes of individual performance time, either performing your material or doing performance exercises in a safe and supportive environment.

FEEDBACK ON YOUR ROUTINE... You'll get coaching in the group session on your comedy routine, (script and your performance.)

DONE A LIVE STAND UP GIG... The amazing experience of performing your own jokes in front of a live audience. 

A VIDEO OF YOUR PERFORMANCE... A memory to keep forever and show off to your mates with!

BONUS 1...Access to ongoing support through the closed Titter Alumni Facebook Group. 

BONUS 2...a signed copy of 'Cracking Speech Mate! - How to use humour to make you an amazing speaker'

Course Details

The Titter comedy course normally costs £297 but there is an early bird price until May 31st of just £247!  

The next course will be starting on Thursday, 27 September 2018, with the showcase on Monday, 12th November 2018. The classes are in the evening from 7.00pm - 9.45pm and both classes and showcase are in Swindon. 

To ensure everyone has sufficient performance time each week, there are only 10 spaces on each course, and only two courses a year so book your space soon!


Click the 'Buy Now' button to secure your place and have an unforgettable experience in 2018 for just £247 at the early bird price until May 31st (£297 after that):

Titter Guarantee

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“I very much enjoyed working with Sarah as my coach. She was very patient with everyone on her course and also very supportive. Sarah has a wealth of experience in public speaking which she was able to share with us. The main benefit I got from the course was increased confidence in public speaking. Also the 'buzz' I got from doing the course and writing and rehearsing the comedy was immense. I found it put me in a positive mindset for several days afterwards, which also helped me in my job as a salesman.  

I was reasonably confident in public speaking before I attended the course because I sometimes have to speak to large groups of people in my job. In the past I have also given speeches at weddings and funerals, and had hosted a couple of boxing events. But the techniques I learnt from Sarah improved my performance no end, and made me even more confident. 

When I did my 'virgin' stand up performance at the end of the course in front of 80-90 people at a pub in Swindon I felt very confident, and it went really well. The audience laughed at my jokes throughout my 8-minute performance, some which were written by me, and some which Sarah wrote for me, (Sarah is also a talented comedy writer). This was probably the best night of my life. (Obviously excluding important family events). I would whole-heartedly recommend Sarah's courses to anyone who wants to learn public speaking or improve upon the knowledge they already have.” – Dave Veysey 

Here's a breakdown of the course

Week 1:

  • Introduction to comedy styles
  • Why are jokes funny?
  • Microphone technique
  • Methods of generating material
  • Developing your comedy persona
  • Performance Exercises

Week 2:

  • Performance Exercise
  • Performance skills (1) - How to get on stage, the audience & timing
  • Practical microphone technique practice
  • Stand-up Practice
  • How to make jokes funnier (1)
  • More methods of generating material 

Week 3:

  • Performance Exercise
  • Performance Skills (2) - Owning the stage, body language, pace & timing
  • Stand-up Practice
  • How to make jokes funnier (2) 
  • Building your routine

Week 4:

  • Performance Exercise
  • Performance Skills (3) - How to make performances better
  • Stand-Up Practice
  • Rehearsal Techniques

Week 5:

  • Performance Exercise
  • Performance Skills (4) - How to deal with nerves
  • Stand-Up Practice
  • Showcase Information

Week 6:

  • Performance Exercise
  • Performance Skills (5) - Preparing for your performance
  • Stand-Up Practice
  • Comedy Career - Tips for Starting Out

Week 7:

Comedy Showcase Performance!

Still Undecided? - Here’s more from some of our graduates:

“Attending this course has made my dream come true. ”

Davinder Singh - Swindon

“I never thought I would be able to do it at the start of the course, but I developed the confidence, to not only perform - but to make people laugh out loud.”

Antonia Stonell - Swindon

About Me

“As you know I'm your Titter Coach, and my name is Sarah Archer. I've done stand up comedy all over the UK, written and directed plays, and authored two business books on humour and pitching. I am also a qualified NLP practitioner and ILM coach, and I have combined my experience of business, coaching and developing people, with my knowledge and experience of stand-up comedy and performance, to offer a uniquely professional course that will challenge you, will be lots of laughs and fun, and could quite possibly change your life! If you have any remaining questions, check out the FAQs below. Looking forward to seeing you in the course!"

— Sarah Archer

FAQs - Answers from Sarah

"I'm not funny. What if people don't laugh at me?" - I was worried about the same thing until I learnt the secrets of successful comedians on a course which now seems like an age ago. To be honest, 80% (and I believe the actual number is higher) of people that come on Titter don’t consider themselves ‘funny’...but it’s not the case. I will show you how to develop your own sense of humour using tried and trusted techniques. I bet that you have made at least one person laugh in your life time, am I right? And with the knowledge and skills you learn you will have the confidence to do it at will! 

As part of my guarantee, if you are stuck, nervous or worried about your material I will provide 121 coaching to ensure you are absolutely confident in yourself and your material.

“But, I’m not confident. I've never been good at making presentations or getting up in front of people." - Many of our students feel that way but they learn the tools and techniques to make standing up and talking to group of people an enjoyable and fruitful experience. Many used to feel the dread of having to do yet another presentation, but things can be different. When they learnt to overcome their personal fears about public speaking and crowds of people they learnt how to really enjoy it.

"What if I can't make one of the sessions?" - Don't worry, we'll catch you up with the material you missed and go throuh the peformance exercises so you can practice at home.

"Do I have to do the live performance?" - If at any time you choose not to perform your material to a live audience, we will fully support your decision. We will always encourage you to play ‘full out’ but we won’t get pushy if that’s what you decide.

"I might not like the people on the course" - True - you might not...at first. But we have found that sharing the experience of learning and performing together creates strong bonds! Ask yourself what if you did like the people on the course? Wouldn’t it be great to meet new people and create new friendships? Experiences shows like attracts like attracts therefore it’s more than likely that you will meet people just like you! As many of our Titter graduates will tell you themselves.

“You meet new people from diverse backgrounds on the course.” Chris Waddell

The Titter Guarantee

Our guarantee is designed to eliminate all risk to the participants.

  • Our course is delivered by an experienced coach and our training materials are highly professional.
  • You can speak to Sarah in person, by phone or email throughout the course to ensure that you get all the support you need to succeed.
  • Finally, if you are not completely satisfied after week 2 then we will give you the option of a 1-1 comedy coaching session with Sarah (there are reasonable limitations to this) or receiving a 100% refund of your money.

More reasons to enjoy ‘Titter’:

  • We provide a safe and supportive environment. Students feel comfortable and confident through training and rehearsing to experiment and get feedback from class mates.
  • If at any time you choose not to perform your material to a live audience, we will fully support your decision. We will always encourage you to play ‘full out’ but we won’t get pushy if that’s what you decide.
  • We are dedicated to giving you the tools and techniques to have a fantastic experience, have more laughter every day and equip you with valuable skills that will help you realise your potential and add value to your life in many ways. In other words when you succeed, we do and we’re pretty keen for you to be an outstanding success!

Titter is limited to 10 students, so don't miss out, book now! 

Titter Guarantee

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